Shorashim Loves to Play with Otiyot!

This week Shorashim could not get enough of our new אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters) materials!

We brought in a large magnet board so we could play with our magnetic  אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters), and boy did our Shorashimers come up with some fun ways to play, starting with putting the  אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters) in aleph-bet order.

It was easy in the beginning, but how could our Shorashimers remember the order of all of those  אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters)?

We pulled out our handy dandy aleph-bet charts so we could follow along!

With plenty of charts for us to look at, and some team work, the task became a lot less daunting.

We were excited to share it with all of our Shorashim friends!

Here our Shorashimers pointed to the אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters) and sang the aleph-bet together!

But putting the  אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters) in order was not the only way we practiced our עִברִית (ivrit – Hebrew) skills!  We also had fun matching אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters) with some other materials.

It was tough work, because a lot of the אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters)  looked alike!

But with some help from a חָבֵר (chaver – friend)…


Shorashim sure loves learning עִברִית (ivrit – Hebrew)!  We can’t wait to play with our אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters) materials even more, and maybe discover some new ones too!

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