Shteelim Wondering

This week in Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for Kindergarten) we have been reading Genesis 18:1-5 and sharing all the questions we are wondering about this text.

Genesis 18:1-10 for Nursery and Kindergarten


Multiple children were curious about Avraham bowing in the text, asking, “Why did he (Avraham) bow?”

One child asked, “Why did he (Avraham) run and not walk to bow?”

Here are some ideas that children came up with about Avraham bowing:

“I think it’s because he didn’t want the 3 men to leave before he bowed to them and he wanted the 3 men to know him.”

 “Bowing is like a greeting. He would be like bowing to someone he is meeting.”

“(Bowing is) showing respect because he didn’t know them and wanted to meet them.”

We made a list of when people might bow and tried out different ways of bowing to help us decide why Avraham might bow:

“(You bow) whenever you see a king or queen.”

“People bow to each other like in fairy tales, to a princess.”

“It’s to greet another person.”

 “You bow when you do something in front of a big crowd, when you are done.”

“To a boss, when the boss sends people to get something.”


“I actually bow in Karate.”

“I bow in Karate too.”

”I do also, maybe it’s to say good work.”

“When we bow at Karate we say Namaste.”

In this example of a Karate bow we noticed a certain “serious” kind of face being made and a certain way to position your hand. The children decided that Avraham’s bow probably was not a Karate bow.

Children either thought that Avraham’s bow might be a greeting bow, or the a bow to someone like a King or Queen.

I can’t wait to see where our wondering will take us next!

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