A Trip to the Torah

At the beginning of a new Torah theme, we often visit the chapel and open up the Torah to the exact words of the theme text, the ones we’re reading at kibud (snack). Even though we frequently label our theme texts as “Torah texts,” it’s hard to connect the story that we’re playing and building with the physical Torah unless we really open it up and look for the words.
And even though these children have visited the Torah many many times, they continue to be careful observers and wonder about this familiar artifact, now as six- and seven-year-olds. Children’s bodies calm and their voices quiet as we unscroll. Their eyes twinkle when they hear the familiar Hebrew words in the text. It’s special to watch and be a part of.
So what do these six- and seven-year-olds say and ask about the Torah this year?
  • “Why is it tied together?”
  • “What are those markings on top of the Hebrew letters?”
  • “One side is smaller because we just restarted the Torah.”
  • “Why are some of the letters stretched out?”
  • “Why do the letters look different than the ones that we practice writing?”
  • “Why are there two pages sewn together?”
  • “Why are there little lines on the paper?”
  • “Morah Sara, do you know how to read the whole Torah?”
  • And so much more…
I wonder how the Torah will continue to capture their curiosity as they grow older.


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