“I wish we could learn like that every day.”

Middle schoolers spent over NINE hours together, and at the end, someone said, “That was better than school. I wish we could learn like that every day.”

8:30 AM: Review background information and write research questions for the Oriental Institute

10:15 AM Some of us want to take the bus, but others want to walk. The kids’ solution? We play elbow tag for 15 minutes while we wait for the next bus.

11:00 AM Oriental Institute! The kids’ first impulse is to stop at the giant map. It’s hard to drag them away.

11:15 AM Canaanite god El, Mesha Stele (Moabite Stone)

11:30 AM We pause our intense looking to share research notes to make sense of what we’ve seen so far.

Noon. We’re still looking, sharing research notes, asking our guest tons of questions, even while our stomachs grumble.

12:30 PM Lunch out on the Quad, followed by a spontaneous, made-up-on-the-spot tag game with – did they really just say butterfly noises? who can follow every word of seven middle schoolers talking at once – and Wednesday $1 milkshakes at the C-Shop.

1:30 PM A walk around campus, bus back to the Enrichment Center, and time to read, do homework, and write up/draw our research notes. Background music: Hamilton, The Sound of Music, and Bach’s Double Concerto for Violins in D Minor.


4:00 PM Chavrutah (partner text study), with a choice of how to show our ideas about the text. This pair made pie charts of Hagar’s feelings and thoughts.

5:30 PM End of day singing, reconnecting with younger siblings and parents, and finally, time to head home.

“That was awesome.”

“Field trips are the best.”

“Yeah, that felt good.”

“That was better than school. I wish we could learn like that every day.”


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