Shorashim Celebrates Simchat Torah with the Torah!

All this week, Shorashim celebrated Simchat Torah.  On Simchat Torah, we finish the end of the last book of the Torah, and start all over again at the beginning.  This holiday is typically celebrated with song, dance, and yup, you guessed it, the Torah!

But what exactly is the Torah that we talk (and sing) so much about?  Many of our Shorashimers spent this past week exploring that very question!

We quickly learned that not all Torahs look alike.  Some are big and some are small.

Some wear “furry,” colorful covers…

…while others are all dressed in white with fancy “jewels” and “metal.”

All Torah scrolls roll out, “like the scroll in [the movie] ‘Kung Fu Panda!'” proudly announced one Shorashimer.

And boy does it take a long time to get to the end!

In the middle is a soft special paper with LOTS of Hebrew words and letters.  One Shorashimer speculated that the words inside were an invitation to a friend’s birthday party, while another remembered hearing the words being sung by a grown-up one time.

One thing is for certain, our Shorashimers can’t wait to learn more about the Torah, and next week we’ll be doing just that as we begin our very first Torah text study!

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