So Many Possibilities

There are so many mysteries and puzzles inside new Torah texts. Even a close reading of just a few words opens up so many possibilities for what the Torah might mean and what the story might be about.

On the first day of hearing a new text, Nitzanim children paid particular attention to Genesis 18:3, which says, “He [Avraham] said, ‘My lord — if I have earned favor in your eyes, please don’t pass by your servant…'” While they initially weren’t sure what Avraham meant when he said, “Please do not pass by your servant,” they soon shared many interpretations.

  • Boy 1: Please don’t pass by me… 
  • Girl 1: Please don’t pass by my spirit without checking… 
  • Boy 2: Please don’t pass by me because you need to stay here to make me happy.
  • Girl 2: Please don’t pass by because if you do I wouldn’t have any company.
  • Girl 1: Please don’t pass by me because I know you are tired from your journey. I will bring you something.

Wow! What imaginative responses!

“Adonai appeared to him, at the oaks of Mamre.
Now, he was sitting at the opening of the tent, as the day grew hot.” Genesis 18:1.

“And he lifted his eyes, and he saw– הִנֵּה!– three men were standing in front of him!…” Genesis 18:2

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