Genesis 18:1-10 for Nursery and Kindergarten


1    Adonai appeared to him at the oak-trees of Mamre.

Avraham was sitting at the opening of his tent as the day grew cham. 

2    He lifted up his einayim – and- hineh!  He saw shalosh men standing there in front of him!

He ran out of the opening of his tent to meet them. He bowed to the ground. 

3    He said, “my master, please don’t pass by your servant!

4    Let us bring you a little water so that you can wash your feet, and you can rest under the tree.   

5    I will bring you a little bread, and you can get your strength back, before you keep traveling. Please, since you passed by my home!”

The men said, “Yes, thank you.”

6    So, Avraham rushed into the tent, to Sarah. He said, “Hurry! Take shalosh scoops of good flour and knead it and bake loaves of bread.”

7    And then Avraham ran to the animals, and took a young cow, and had his helper kill it and get it ready and cook the meat.

8    Then he took cheese and milk, and the meat, and served it to the men. And then he stood next to them as they ate, under the tree.

9    They said to him, “Where is your wife, Sarah?” He said, “Hineh, there she is in the tent.”

10   He said, “I promise I will return to you, when it’s time. And- hineh! She is going to have a baby boy.

Sarah heard, from the opening of the tent


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