Shorashim Builds a Sukkah!

Over the past two weeks, Shorashim has been learning about the holiday of Sukkot.  Sukkot is a fall harvest holiday that is traditionally celebrated in a hut outside called a סוכה (sukkah – a hut/tent).  In order to better understand how a sukkah is made (and how much fun it can be inside one), we built our own (with help from a few of our Jewish Enrichment Center friends).


First, Mr. Spenser came with his handy tools and helped us build the frame out of wood.

Shteelim even joined in to help with some of the trickier parts for our little hands.

Then we added some fabric for the three walls.  We made sure to leave one side open for the door!

We started making decorations for our sukkah with bits of fabric and beads.

We used a see through fabric for the roof so that we could see through to the “sky.”

We added some branches to the roof to make it feel like we were in nature.

We had fun playing in our sukkah at this point, but it still didn’t feel complete…

We decided that we need some more branches that were even bigger so the roof wasn’t resting on our heads.

It was tricky, but with some help from each other…

…it wasn’t so hard!

A friend from Shteelim even came in to help us with some of the much bigger pieces!

But that still wasn’t enough!  We had to add more decorations so “the children will come play!” as one Shorashimer put it.  We started off with some natural materials.

Nitzanim, not wanting to be left out of the fun, made a colorful paper chain to adorn the door for everyone to see!

This gave many of our Shorashimers the idea to start making some of their own drawings to adorn the sukkah.

And so we hung up a few…

…and then even more!  Good thing we had a lot of clothespins!

Morah Lizzi in יצירה (Yetzirah – art/creativity) showed us how to make some of our favorite fruits (in honor of the harvest) out of poster and tissue paper!

We had everything from pomegranates to peaches!

With so many decorations, our sukkah was simply breathtaking!

Any Shorashimer who went inside had a hard time not smiling.

Check out our finished sukkah!

Chag Sukkot Sameach from Shorashim!


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