Sukkot in Shalom Chaverim!

This week, the children in Shalom Chaverim were busy preparing for a visit to the Sukkah! 

Using blocks, the children set to work building their own sukkah to house some animal friends.

The children even added branches to the top to create a roof– so the people (and alligators, and zebra!) inside could look up and see the sky.

And then, after sharing stories and songs about Sukkot, children baked a special fall snack to carry to the sukkah.

The children mixed and measured ingredients– including lots of chocolate chips, and big scoops of pumpkin – into a big bowl.  We couldn’t wait to taste our pumpkin cookies!

What fun, to eat our special treat in the Sukkah! Chag Sukkot Sameach! (Happy Sukkot!)

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