Flowers for the Sukkah


This week Shteelim (“saplings” for Kindergarten) made tissue paper flowers to decorate our סוּכָּה (sukkah)


We learned new techniques from each other

“She used two colors! That’s cool!”

“What? How did he make 3 layers?”

We made so many in all different צְבָעִים (tzvaim– colors)

“Which one should I- Oh! Red! Red! Red! I haven’t made a red one yet!

“I made אַרְבַּע (arba– four)”

And we helped each other by sharing our materials

“If you run out of that paper, I’ll get you some more”

“Who needs some tape?”


“Here’s my flower! Here you go, it’s a rose!”

“I like making flowers!”

These will look gorgeous in our סוּכָּה (sukkah)! Hanging decorations is just one of the ways we can welcome guests into our סוּכָּה (sukkah) 


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