Solving the Sukkah Puzzle

Can you see it, too? That focused determination? The team work? The excitement to solve the puzzle?

Today we tried to figure out the “rules” of building a סכה (Sukkah—booth) according to the ancient, early rabbis of the Talmud (4th-6th centuries).

We looked at pictures of lots of different סכות (sukkot—booths)They varied in size, shape, and material. Then we filled out our data collection sheets based on what we saw in the pictures. Children were so careful to fill out every part of their data collection sheet and use their best spelling. Some children drew pictures. Others wrote full sentences or just a few words. Some children collaborated with a partner, while others chose to fill out the data sheet independently and then share ideas afterward.


And at the end we were pretty proud that we figured out the rules all by ourselves! Here are some excerpts from our data collection sheets. 

“It should be sizable”

“It should be pretty.”
“It should be big enough for a family.”

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