Cozy Corners

In Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) we are starting off the year by practicing different ways to take care of ourselves, one way we are taking care of ourselves is to take breaks when our brains and bodies need them. We have a cozy corner in our room with a soft rug, a giant pillow, natural materials (rocks and shells) and drawing materials.

I introduced the idea of taking a break with an interactive model. First, I showed the children what it looks like to take a break, then I asked them to tell everyone what they saw me do. The next step was to have a child demonstrate. Many of us took turns practicing taking a break, yes even the מורות (morot- teachers) will take a break once in a while!


Checking to see when the timer is finished.


Making a choice to draw.



Natural materials can be soothing.

Taking a break is just a regular part of our routine that we all participate in. We look forward to trying out new ways to take care of ourselves!

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