Shorashim Celebrates Rosh Hashanah!

Rosh Hashanah is when many Jewish people celebrate the new year. There are many traditional symbols associated with the holiday, such as apples and honey (eaten for a sweet new year), round challah (to represent the cyclical nature of time) and shofars (a horn that is blown to signify the coming of the new year). A traditinal greeting that is said at this time is “לשנה טובה” (l’shana tovah – to a good year).


Playing with Apples

Shorashimers got to play with תפוחים (tapuchim – apples) in all sorts of ways!

There was the traditional תפוחים (tapuchim – apples) tasting. The consensus was that תפוחים (tapuchim – apples), no matter the type, are yummy!

We investigated the different colors of the תפוחים (tapuchim – apples) (red, yellow, and green). One child was very excited to identify this apple as red!

We even painted with תפוחים (tapuchim – apples)! We reinforced the traditional colors (red, yellow, and green) with the paints we used, noticing the round shape the תפוחים (tapuchim – apples) produced. One friend in particular had a blast getting as messy as possible. “We painted with apples… I got messy… I love getting messy!”


Tasting Honey

We dipped our תפוחים (tapuchim – apples) in דבש (d’vash – honey) to taste the sweetness of the new year. One friend couldn’t get enough of her דבש (d’vash – honey)! She made sure to eat every last drop!

With Shteelim’s help, we even did some baking with honey in the form of honey cakes.


Preparing Meals

One of the most popular areas to explore Rosh Hashanah was in dramatic play. We enjoyed endless Rosh Hashanah meals complete with תפוחים (tapuchim – apples), דבש (d’vash – honey), grape juice, round challah, and shofars (for decoration).

Experiencing the Shofar

We used all different senses as we learned about the shofar. We listened to it being blown with the help of a Middle School friend. The consensus was that it was “loud.”

We felt the shofar in a mystery box. One friend said, “Its texture is rough.”

We even smelled the shofar! Apparently, it smells “stinky.”

Some friends tried to blow it themselves. Unable to make the traditional shofar sounds, many children supplemented their own toot noises as they held the shofar up to their lips.


Shorashim had so much fun celebrating Rosh Hashanah!  We can’t wait to explore Sukkot next week!

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