“Wedding Pretty”

Today we took a little trip…
… to see the Torah dressed in white for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
We practiced careful looking and quietly sketched the Torahs. Children noticed, “crowns,” “that it [the Torah] has legs,” and “writing.”
And then, we were ready to imagine. With hushed voices children offered the following explanations for why the Torah might be dressed in white for a new Jewish year:
  • “Because it’s like a holiday and they want [it] to be dressed nice. Otherwise it wouldn’t be like a pretty Jewish holiday. It would be like a funky holiday.” 
  • “Because so they look beautiful.”
  • “Because lavan (white) means the color for everyone together.”
  • “Wedding pretty.”
שנה טובה (Shanah Tova–Happy Jewish New Year) from these thoughtful children!

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