Shteelim Shofar Exploration

Earlier in the week, children spent a lot of time using  שופרות (shofarot)  in their play, they were really focused on sound.


The past two days, I brought a שופר (shofar) in a Mystery box. We sat down together and took turns putting our יד (yad– hand) in the box, just one of many ways we could extend our exploration of the שופר (shofar).

“It feels smooth and a little bumpy!”

“The texture is rough!”  “It feels a little twisty!”


After we explored the שופר (shofar) with just our יד (yad– hand), we asked the questions we had about the שופר (shofar).  The biggest question for everyone was, “how do you make sound come out of the שופר (shofar)?”

Everyone took turns trying to make a “real” שופר (shofar) sound.


We were really excited when one of the children presented a strategy that really works!

“Look at what my lips are doing (while pressing the שופר (shofar)  to their lips)… It helps if you take a deep breath first… I can show you again.”

Different children spent time trying out this strategy. The children are excited about being able to hear more people blow שופר (shofar) and learn different strategies.

In Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) we explore what we are curious about and take care of each other!

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