All in a Day’s Work

Did you know that Shteelim (“Saplings” for kindergarten) and Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st grade) are researchers?

They make observations: 

“Look, round challah.”

They ask research questions: 

“What does a תפוח (tapuach–apple) smell like?” “Like cantaloupe.”

“What צבעים  (tseva’im–colors) are on a תפוח (tapuach–apple)?”

They test hypotheses: 

“Look what happens when I add מים (mayim–water) to my painting.”

They review their careful notes:

And they share interpretations! 

Morah (Educator): Why might Jewish people eat תפוחים (tapuchim–apples) on Rosh Hashanah?

  • “It’s the season to go apple picking. Maybe celebrate [Rosh Hashanah] for apple season.”

  • “Because it’s fun. Because it’s sweet.”

  • “When it [Rosh Hashanah] first started, apples were good luck. Giving good luck to the new year by eating apples.”

  • “When Jewish people were hungry… I think the only food they would find were apples.”

Whew! It’s all in a day’s work.


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