Preparing to Say Shalom in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about remembering the experiences we shared together.

In the sensory table, we searched for photos of many of the different learning experience we shared this year. Excitedly, we recognized our friends’ faces and our own face.

We also revisited some of our favorite explorations from the year together.

We remembered baking Shabbat breads together, and worked with our parents and families to create our own loaves of challah using play dough.

We shared Shabbat dinner with special people in our lives.

We examined photos of the ways we celebrated Hanukkah together, and built hanukiyot using blocks and toy candles.


We remembered our Purim celebration, and created (and modeled!) some colorful masks together.   

We remembered Tu B’shebat together, and set to work painting some trees– and remembering all the planting and growing we did together this year.

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