May 18

Final project time!

This week in אלונים (“Oak trees,” for 5th and 6th grades), we’ve been busy working on our final projects for the year! Our final project prompt is: Tell the story of your encounter with a big idea or question this year.

Children are working independently or in pairs to identify a big question or idea they had, connect the dots for us as to how that idea or question relates to a Torah text we read this year, and tell us about how they explored that big idea or question, whether it be through yetzirah (art/creativity), conversations with other Alonimers, or something else. Alonimers are using a variety of modalities to tell us about their encounters, but many are choosing to make podcasts with a visual accompaniment.

This week, Alonimers started planning for their projects by making outlines. Some children told me that they are learning about outlines in school, too, so they were well-prepared for this task. They are looking forward to start doing what they call the more exciting work of recording and making visuals next week!

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