One Final Project, Many Steps

We’ve started our final project in Beit Nitzanim. It’s a project that helps us reflect on our whole year AND a project we can work on together, so that we can show off all of our fabulous teamwork skills. The project has so many steps:
Step 1: Remember the three big themes from our year: Bamidbar (“In the Wilderness”), Kedushah (Holiness), and Shavuot (Weeks). We drew pictures and wrote words on chart paper that reminded us of our themes.

Step 2: Draw symbols to represent our themes.

Step 3: Crowd around all of the drafts of symbols and try to come to some consensus about a symbol that best represents the theme. We got stuck on Bamidbar (“In the Wilderness”). Half of the children decided a compass was the perfect symbol. Other children said, “No way. Number one: the Israelites weren’t lost. Number two: the Israelites didn’t have a symbol.” We went back to the drawing board to come up with a symbol we could agree on.

Step 4: Morah Shterna made our symbols bigger and more clear. We took a look at her drawings and gave feedback. For example, we wanted the people in our Kedushah (Holiness) symbol to have faces with two eyes and a smile.

Step 5: Use devek (glue) to trace the lines of each symbol onto cloth.

More steps to come! Check in with Nitzanim next week to see what comes next!

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