Celebrating Our Hebrew Learning

We’ve learned so much עברית (Ivrit–Hebrew) this year in Beit Nitzanim! To help children recognize how much they’ve learned and to celebrate all of our achievements, we’ve started a new series of Hebrew challenges. Each child is working to master a just-right Hebrew skill at their own pace. The best part? When a child gets to check off, “mastered” on their challenge page after demonstrating their skill all by themselves!

Some children are working together to memorize or read a story completely in Hebrew!


Other children are working on spelling Hebrew words we know using our knowledge of Hebrew letter and vowel sounds.


And other children are working to distinguish between letters that look exactly alike but make different sounds when they have a dagesh (a little dot) in the middle, like the difference between בּ (bet, which makes a “buh” sounds) and ב (vet, which makes a “vuh” sound).

IMG_6156 2

Even though each child has his or her own skills to master, there have been so many beautiful moments of connection between children as they help each other practice and teach each other new strategies.


What an incredible way to spend our last few weeks together!

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