Group Challenges in Alonim

This week in Alonim (“oak trees,” for 5th and 6th grades), we started our new theme, שבועות (Shavuot)! We learned about three ideas that the Torah gives us about the holiday of Shavuot: Shavuot comes at the end of the counting of the omer, Shavuot celebrates the wheat harvest, and people bring bikkurim (the first things that grow) to Adonai on Shavuot.. We did a close reading of the text that tells us these ideas about Shavuot and wondered together about details in the text.


We also completed a group challenge this week: for everyone in Alonim to work together on three public pieces that will go up in our קהילה (kehilla, community) space to represent these three ideas for all of JEC to learn from. We worked in groups to decide all together which details we needed to include and how we could best represent our ideas.IMG_7665

IMG_7684 IMG_7693

Alonim is working on some group skills that will come in handy when we start working on a HUGE group challenge next week!


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