New Ways to Talk Together

Just because it’s April doesn’t mean that Nitzanim can’t try anything new! As we round out our year together, Nitzanim is paying particular attention to the ways that we talk together. In the last week, we’ve tried out two completely new structures for conversation. We’re still working out the kinks, but we’re pretty excited to keep testing things out!
Last week, we tried out a fishbowl. Four children started in the middle, and the children on the outside could “tap out” a child and take his or her place in the middle. After our test, I asked the children what we could change to make the fishbowl more functional. They suggested setting a timer so that “tap outs” could only happen after someone has had a chance to share his or her question or comment in the middle. That way, there’s less movement and more opportunity for conversation.
Today, we tried out חברותא (chavrutah–partner text study) cards. Each child had a set of cards with sentence starters on them such as, “I heard the text say…” and “It surprised me that…” Children took turns using the cards to structure a conversation about a new text. We’ll try the cards out tomorrow, too, to see what feedback we get.
Children have enthusiastically embraced this change to their כיבוד (kibud–snack) routine and are working hard to challenge themselves and try new things. What an incredible community!

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