Exploring the Torah in Shalom Chaverim

We are busy exploring the Torah in Shalom Chaverim. We are burying and uncovering pictures of the Torah in the sensory table– sharing conversation about the colors and shapes that we see.


We are exploring all of the special objects that go along with the Torah– a yad for pointing out letters, a ner amid for light, rimonim with shiny bells, and a special color to keep it safe.


IMG_9860  IMG_9822

We are making an arc for the Torah using play dough, and forming all the objects we need to take care of our special Jewish book.

IMG_9825 IMG_9827   IMG_9835

There is even a real Torah– one that we can look at, touch, smell, listen to, and explore.


The special cover feels so soft to our etzbaot( fingers) as we carefully lift it off to peek inside.

“What do we see in there?”

“Hebrew letters!”



“Lets look for your special letter!”


There was lots of interest in carefully rolling and unrolling the parchment.


We tried to create letters using feathers, just like a sofer does when she writes the Torah!    IMG_9864

Outside, we searched the playground for Hebrew letters!

 IMG_9873 IMG_9878

These are the same Hebrew letters we saw in the Torah! And the same letters we use to write our shemot (names)!IMG_9883 IMG_9887 IMG_9889

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