A Community Celebration

On חגים (chagim–holidays), we do things differently at the Jewish Enrichment Center. We put away our writing materials, we don’t take photos or use our iPads, and we spend time as a whole community. It’s our way of marking the holiday as special or different and an opportunity for children of all ages to celebrate together.

We celebrated Pesach (Passover) this week and last week with lots of joy! Children made each other chocolate covered matzah, completed puzzles together, and worked on our omer calendar to count the days between the second day of Pesach and Shavuot.

Last week we also celebrated with a read-in, with younger and older children reading together in our ספרייה (sifriyah–library).

IMG_4769 IMG_4776

This week, nursery and kindergarten children prepared a special treat for older children–matzah pizza! We took our matzah pizza outside to enjoy the nice weather and have a chance to run and play together.

!חג שמח (Chag Sameach–Happy Holiday)

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