Anafim taking the wheel

“Ok, we know all the other parts of the סדר (Seder, the ritual Passover meal). But what is נרצה (Nirtzah)Our chart just has a picture of moon and stars.”

“Let’s go downstairs and look at the הגדות (Haggadot, guidebooks for the Seder) set out at the book fair to see what they say.”

“Okay, but we should divide up into groups so we don’t all look at the same one. Here. You and I go together, and you two, and you two, and you two. Is that okay?”

“Yup!” “Sure!”




When we got back upstairs, ענפים (Anafim, “branches” for 3rd-4th grade) shared their findings with each other.

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“It had a lot of songs in it.”

“Ours said, you say to God that you did the whole thing and now it’s ending.”

“It was concluding songs and also a prayer.”

“Now the סדר (Seder) is complete.”

“But what is different about this singing from the rest of the parts? הלל (Hallel, “Praise;”.the preceding section of the Seder) is also singing…”



I wonder where their curiosity will take us next!


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