Pesach Learning!

“What do you think you know about פסח (Pesach, Passover)?”

When asked this question, Alonimers had many things to say! They talked about the Pesach story (“Moshe was in a basket and Pharoh’s daughter found him”), things people might do on Pesach (“There’s a seder plate,” “We recline,” “We sing songs”), and food that some people might have at their seder (“Good seders have brisket.”).


We are challenging ourselves with new עברית (Ivrit, Hebrew) choices this year. Each Alonimer will bring with them to their סדר (seder) a new text or prayer from the הגדה (Haggadah) that they will have mastered.


Alonimers are helping each other learn, working in together in groups on Ivrit and on reviewing the Pesach story.


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