Community Expectations Revisited

We spend so much time in our kevutzot (groups) practicing being a community. We really care about being together and shaping a community that is kind and thoughtful, caring and safe, and just loves to be together! Even in March, we are still deliberately working on building community.

And then, when we get together with children from other kevutzot (groups), it’s amazing to see the ways that our skills for connecting with each other and working together transfer to our play with other children.

On Monday, I watched a group of 1st-5th grade children live the community expectations that we created in our kevutzah (group) while they baked together:

1. Take care of yourself…

by practicing safe knife skills.

IMG_54922. Take care of each other…

by sharing a cutting boardIMG_5491

and reading aloud for each other


and by taking turns shaking the bowl to distribute the cinnamon sugar.

IMG_54973. Take care of our space and materials…

by doing the dishes while the plantains bake. IMG_5502


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