Closing Kedushah (Holiness)

At the beginning of the week we visited the social hall in pairs to close our Kedushah (Holiness) theme. Children took turns telling their parter about their work. Then, they spoke more generally about what was hard, easy, and super fun about this final project.


Afterward, we gathered together under the table (it’s so fun to sit under things!) to talk about the practice of reflection. Here’s how it went:
Morah Sara: Why do you think we came down here and looked at our final projects with a partner?
Child 1: To get a chance to share our work.
Child 2: To hear compliments about our work.
Morah Sara: How do you feel to share your work with your partner?
Child 1: Proud of my work
Child 2: Squashy. It’s like accomplished and happy.
And they look “squashy” indeed!



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