Snacktime in Shushan

After all the hard work that went into finishing up our קדושה (Kedushah, holiness) theme, what better opportunity to unwind than פורים (Purim)? In addition to making some fabulous מסכות (masechot, masks), ענפים (Anafim, “branches” for 3rd-4th grade children) have been getting into the silly, zany, outlandish Purim spirit with skits and table readings of the Purim story in מגילת אסתר (Megillat Esther; the book of Esther).

IMG_9264 IMG_9093

After hearing it for several years, many Anafim almost know the version of the story that we read to the younger children by heart. And since it’s so familiar, they can jump right in and play it out together improvisationally– with lots of side jokes, favorite gags, and larger-than-life drama, of course!



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