Exploring Kedushah Outside

This week, we spent time outside exploring קדושה (kedushah, holiness) outside. What a perfect week to spend time outside! At our special session on Shabbat, we walked to the lake and observed the day turning from Shabbat back into a normal day as the sun went down. We noticed the changes in the colors of the sky and lake, and we counted the stars as they appeared in the sky, marking the end of Shabbat.


We sang the Havdallah service together, officially marking the end of Shabbat.


The next day, we went outside to remember the distinctions we saw the day before between light and dark, Shabbat and other days of the week, and holy and not holy.

IMG_7380 IMG_7382

We noticed that kedushah (holiness) could be related to things that are outside. We made some oil pastels to show our ideas, and we are excited to show them to you in our installation next week!

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