Feb 22

Shorashim and Shteelim Share Torah Play

Shorashim (“roots” for nursery) and Shteelim (“saplings” for Kindergarten) have been playing how you might choose to treat the Torah in a special way.


We are making a חושן (choshen– breastplate) that could be used to decorate the front of a torah.

Here children are making bells for the חושן (choshen– breastplate).


“Maybe it has bells, so people know when the Torah is coming, and they get quiet.”

We also made ידיים (Yadayim- pointers for the Torah) that we are using when exploring the Torah.


We are making covers for the Torah.


“I’m putting gems so it will be so beautiful!”

We dressed the Torah and were able to notice different kinds of Torah covers.



We built some places where you might find Torahs in sanctuaries or chapels.



More opportunities to look closely at אותיות (otiot-letters) like they are written in a Torah.



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