So Special

We did something so special today. First and second grade Nitzanimers had כיבוד (kibud–snack) with fifth and sixth grade Alonimers. We’re in the sixth week of thinking about קדושה (kedushah– holiness) and our super special pairing was an opportunity for children of different ages to connect and share ideas.
Like in this pair, where a second grader shared with her fifth grade buddy a rabbinic interpretation about a particular פסוק (pasuk–verse) in the Torah.
And this pair of buddies who helped each other ask a new question. In Leviticus 19 it says, “Stand up before the elderly and show honor to the aged…” This group wondered, “What if your leg is broken when you get on the bus? Don’t you really need a seat more than someone old who doesn’t even look old?”
This pair helped each other change a “do not” into a “do.” In Leviticus 19 it says, “Do not hate your brother or sister in your heart…” This second grader now imagines that the Torah means you shouldn’t just “not hate,” but you should help your brother or sister if they need help.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to connect with our buddies to share and deepen ideas!

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