Tu B’Shevat

This week in Beit Shorashim V’Shteelim (nursery and kindergarten) we are explorinֿg ט׳׳ו בשבט (Tu B’Shevat). We have been thinking about all of the things that עצים (etzim- trees) provide us with – “etzim give us shade”, “they give us fruit, apples and bananas”, “they give us wood for building” – and have been playing different ways of celebrating the Birthday of עצים (etzim- trees).

We had a ט׳׳ו בשבט (Tu B’Shevat) party with special foods, decorations and songs all to celebrate עצים (etzim- trees).
Tu Bishvat10
tu bishvat 9
We made decorations for our community ט׳׳ו בשבט (Tu B’Shevat) celebration.
We built our own עצים (etzim- trees) and even built scenes of עץ (etz-tree) celebration!
Tu Bishvat 11
We went outside to learn more about עצים (etzim- trees) in our neighborhood.
We did עץ (etz-tree) yoga!
etz yoga
 We practiced our עברת (Ivrit- Hebrew) with ט׳׳ו בשבט (Tu B’Shevat) words.

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