“Wondering” Questions

For Nitzanim children, our Kedushah (Holiness) theme has been about experimentation. We’ve experimented with ways to express our ideas about holiness with weaving and shadow play (click here). We’ve experimented with a graphic organizer to help us slow down and hear the text (click here). And today, we experimented with a new way to share lots and lots of questions about Torah text.

We each took a different פסוק (pasuk–verse) from Leviticus 19. Then we paired off and read our פסוק (pasuk–verse) aloud to our partner.


After we finished reading we asked a “wondering” question.


Then, our partner had a chance to read her פסוק (pasuk–verse) and wonder.


When both partners had a chance to read and wonder, we switched פסוקים (pesukim–verses) and found a new partner.


This opportunity to move around and wonder with a partner has really gotten the wheels in our heads turning as we head into our final projects! There’s so much to think and wonder about!

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