An Explosion of Ideas

Sometimes we just need a week to catch-up. We need time to process, time to think about our ideas and express them, time to replay a comment from a peer, and time to get to know the big ideas in the text.
This week in Beit Nitzanim, we’re taking that catch-up week to reflect on our ideas and questions about Kedushah (holiness). I’m calling it our “questioning week,” and we’re surrounding ourselves with questions and interpretations throughout our entire day.
We’re drawing
and building
and using iPads
to ask and answer the questions about kedushah (holiness) that are really interesting to us. We’re also talking A LOT with our peers so that we can strengthen each other’s ideas within our community.
And this slowing down and taking the time to question and interpret has resulted in an explosion of ideas!
We have ideas about God’s relationship to holiness.
  • Boy 1: What does God have to do with holy?
  • Boy 2: He is holy.
  • Girl 1: God is holy because he or she, it, helps people. Also God might not be holy because he tricks people. A person can be holy and a person can be not holy.
  • Boy 3: He’s the creator of the universe. Well, that he would be sort of holy because it’s not like everybody goes around the world and taps something and it becomes…
  • Boy 1: Just because God’s the creator of the universe, doesn’t mean he’s holy.
  • Boy 4: God’s holy because he does different stuff than people.
We also have ideas about holy times.
  • Girl 1: I was answering, “Can times be holy? What kind of times?” My idea is that times can be holy. So I think that it’s like I thought that times can be holy like holidays and like when you say prayers, that time can be holy. And special ceremonies can also be holy.
  • Boy 1: Maybe like I’m just gonna list a couple times is holy. One is like at midnight because everybody’s sleeping also maybe like 6:00 in the morning. 
  • Girl 2: Like special times? Like when you’re getting married and when you’re having a baby. Well, my idea is that that holy is special and when you have a baby that’s probably pretty special to you and when you get married that’s also probably special to you because maybe it’s like you have a husband now and you have a baby now and you’re gonna have a child when she grows up so yeah that’s special.
What thoughtful ideas we’ve shared this “question week!”

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