Shabbat around the World in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim we used our guf (bodies) to explore the ways Jewish people around the world celebrate Shabbat!


There were ample opportunities to use our af (nose) to smell the spices of Havdalah as we created our own spice paint together– and then we used out etzbaot (fingers) to create colorful and fragrant paintings.



And, in addition to exploring the symbols of shabbat with our fingers, eyes, nose, and hands, we also explored the way different Jewish people around the world spend Shabbat.


Inside the sensory table we searched for images of Shabbat around the world– and then we buried and uncovered them again and again.



Then, we set out to bake once again! We are making Dabo, an Ethiopian Shabbat bread. We felt it with our etzbaot and noticed how sticky and soft and squishy it felt!


IMG_8529   IMG_8531

Some friends even decided to taste the dough with their peh (mouth!)IMG_8536


While the real dough baked, we set to work creating our own (pretend) versions of Shabbat breads with play dough. One child made challah, another made an elephant shaped bread!

IMG_8523   IMG_8517


We noticed the smell as it baked, and were excited to taste Dabo together.      IMG_8555

Dabo was certainly a success with Shalom Chaverim. We tasted challah as well and talked about how they were different in some ways, and the same in other ways.

IMG_8542 IMG_8541

If you are interested in making dabo with your family, the recipe is below!

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 7.48.37 PM

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