Jan 19

What is holy?

A new, teeny tiny text:


וַיְדַבֵּר יְהוָה, אֶל-מֹשֶׁה לֵּאמֹר

דַּבֵּר אֶל-כָּל-עֲדַת בְּנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל, וְאָמַרְתָּ אֲלֵהֶם

קְדֹשִׁים תִּהְיוּ כִּי קָדוֹשׁ, אֲנִי יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵיכֶם

“Adonai said to Moshe,

Say to all the group of the Israelites,

‘Be holy, for I, Adonai your God, am holy”


( ויקרא; Vayikra, Leviticus 19:1-2)

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A 9-year-old responds using micrography:

“What is holy /  Who is holy / What does holy mean / is god holy / can god make people holy / can you be born holy

What is holy / who is holy / is god holy / am i holy”




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