Saying Shalom to Shabbat!

This week in Shalom Chaverim we found out lots of things our guf( body) may see, hear, smell, and even taste at havdalah, when we say good bye to Shabbat and “shavua tov!”


We are sorting and matching the shapes, in puzzles and along the window.



With our etzbaot (fingers) we are touching and feeling the shapes and objects for Havdalah. We are covering them and uncoverin them in the sensory table under rice,


And, of course, we are touching and tasting the real things, peeking inside spice boxes and examining braided candles, and creating our own drawings of what we see with our ayneim (eyes).

IMG_8393   IMG_8389 IMG_8432

There were lots of scents to explore with our auf (nose) in the form of real spices. We counted and sorted and explored cinnamon sticks and other kinds of spices, and even set to work creating our own spice boxes filled with sweet smells.

IMG_8407 IMG_8413 IMG_8430

We even created our own little bags full of sweet smelling spices to take home and use on Shabbat together.

IMG_8420 IMG_8422

There are so many careful decisions to be made as we decide which spices to include, how to fit them in, and how many spices we want!

IMG_8437 IMG_8440   IMG_8443 IMG_8445


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