Nitzanim Experiment in Yetzirah (Art/Creativity)

As an education team, we asked, “How might new and different modalities allow children to express their ideas about Kedushah?”
So today we experimented!
Children tested out ways to use weaving and hanging shadow sculpture to express an idea about what it might mean to “be holy.” And it was fascinating to watch children work.
Some children had a plan immediately and put it into action.
Some children started out with one idea and then shifted their idea or added to it partway through our session.
Some children worked in the abstract.
And other children’s work was more representational.
Some children worked small in their designated area.
And other children worked large.
It wasn’t easy! Some children felt frustrated about how they could use their modality to show the idea that they wanted to show. However, they persisted and were pleased with the end result.
What an accomplishment in experimentation! 

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