Exploring Kedushah in Alonim

This week, we began exploring our new theme, קדושה (kedushah, holiness). We began our discussion by thinking about everything we’ve heard about holy, holiness, or קדושה (kedushah, holiness). We made a huge chart documenting all of the things we’ve heard that we agree with, that we disagree with, and that we’re not sure about.



We also wrote down our initial questions about קדושה (kedushah, holiness). Our initial ideas and questions about קדושה (kedushah, holiness) were:

  • Are objects holy? Which objects?
  • Are people holy? Is everyone holy, or only some people? How do you know you’re holy? What makes a person holy?
  • Are there places that make you feel holy?
  • What are holy actions?
  • If we know someone or something is holy, should we treat them differently?
  • What is God’s relationship to holiness? Does God grant holiness? Is God holy?

We made our thinking visible through יצירה (yetzirah, creativity). Some Alonimers worked with a new modality, black line drawing using fancy pens.



Next week, we will add a new dimension to our thinking about קדושה (kedushah, holiness) when we read our first Torah text of the theme.

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