As We Begin Our New Theme

As we begin the new theme, קדושה (kedushah- Holiness) in Beit Shorashim/ Shteelim we have been playing out our associations (images, memories, feelings, body movement) that we have with Birthdays and Shabbat.


We played Birthday with Dolls and there were a lot of ideas of what a birthday party should look like.

Birthday 10

We saw what our face might do when someone sings happy birthday to us.

Birthday 5


We played through many ideas about what might happen at home and at school or camp on a birthday.

Birthday 7“What face might you make when you wake up on your birthday?”




birthday 16

“I just bring brownies (to camp).”


Birthday 6

“I dressed in my party dress!”

We lit shabbat candles and shared what we felt about lighting shabbat candles and when shabbat candles go out.

Birthday 9


We sorted objects that are alike and not alike.

Birthday 18 “Birthday cake does not go with Challah.”


We Also dressed in different kinds of clothing to see how they made us feel and found that our bodies might move or stand differently depending on what we are wearing.

Birthdaybirthday 17

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