New Perspectives on Kedushah

Earlier in the week, I asked children, “What have you heard about holy, holiness, קדושה (kedushah)?” And we got a little bit stuck. Children thought maybe it had something to do with “special,” but we weren’t all sure. Another child said, “different.” Or maybe it had to do with God, but we don’t all believe in God. We needed some more ideas, some more possibilities for us to wonder about.

So, we turned to our grown-ups (Thank you so much grown-ups!) and we asked, “Well, what are your ideas about holy?” One child was so excited about sharing what she spoke about with her grown-up that she whispered her idea into my ear as soon as she got into the building!

We drew some of our new ideas, some from our grown-ups and some of our own ideas too.




And then we had a chance to share with our community and hear all kinds of different ideas about holiness. 


  • Child 1, age 6: This is a person holding a book [because I think books can be holy].

  • Child 2, age 6: I think holy can be something special in the middle of your life like a marriage maybe or like maybe like the first time you got to do something.

  • Child 3, age 8: We basically said it means different in a way that’s not really like I’m different than you.

  • Child 4, age 8: And then I thought [holy means] it’s important so I did something in a museum as being guarded.

  • Child 5, age 7: My mom’s idea was that when you walk into a place that’s beautiful and you say “ah ooh ahh” then it’s holy.

Our ideas really grow and change as we consider new perspectives!

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