What Does my Guf do on Shabbat?

In Shalom Chaverim this week, we are figuring out all the different ways our gut (body) can experience Shabbat.


img_8297 img_8301 img_8328

We are using our eynaim (eyes) to find the challah hiding under the challah cover– our peh (mouth) to say Hamotzi together as we cover and uncover the challah again and again

img_8312 img_8313 img_8332

We are using our yadaim (hands) to fit the Shabbat candlesticks together.



img_8340 img_8342

And we are using all of our senses– and our fingers, hands, eyes, noses and mouths– to make our own challah together. We smell the yeast, feel the soft flower, and feel with our fingers and hands as the texture changes as we stir and knead together. Some of us even used our peh (mouth) to taste the dough before it baked.

img_8346  img_8350 img_8358 img_8359

After we stirred and kneaded, and kneaded and mixed, we used our etzbaot (fingers) to form our own challah shapes. Then we waited patiently before we tasted our creation!img_8366


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