Three Possible Conclusions

Did you know that there are three different sources that explain what happened after the Temple was recaptured and rededicated (made clean again)? Children had a chance to become experts on one ending and then explain their ending to their peers. Here’s what they had to say:

Book of Maccabees I: Chapter 4



Child 1 (age 8): I’m making it [the Temple] beautiful. These are all the people. And this is the main person [Judah from the Hasmonean family]. They’re all singing and cheering. There’s lots of light, and it’s beautiful. It [the celebration] lasted for eight days.

Book of Maccabees II: Chapter 10



Child 2 (age 7): The people are standing around each edge. They’re praying to the fire, praying to the light and cheering for God saying, “Thank you for the light!” They have the lulav and etrog right here and they’re having a big feast.

Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat 21b


Child 3 (age 6): Our ending’s different because then they light the menorah for eight days because the miracle happened so they celebrated eight days. The miracle was that the oil they expected it to last for one day but it lasted for eight days.

Click here for the translations of the sources we used.

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