Wrapping up Bamidbar

This week in Beit Shorashim/Shteelim (Nursery and Kindergarten) we completed our final text for this theme. The children sequenced the whole text (Bamidbar 13) starting with Adonai telling Moshe to send out scouts to explore the land. Moshe sent out the scouts, but added some questions for them to think about when scouting the land. The part of the text we added this week consists of the report that the scouts bring back to Moshe, Aaron and the Israelites.

Israelite scouts show Moshe, Aaron and the Israelites the fruit from the new land:


A big part of our play this week was for us to sequence and spend time playing inside text we learned during the theme of Bamidbar (The place between our new home and our old home). This synthesis play is helping us prepare for Family Exploration and Celebration this coming Sunday.

“Quick! We need to pack and leave Egypt.” “We packed food, water, sunscreen, sleeping bags and tents!”


Moshe (in yellow) leads the Israelites on the journey:



  “We are so tired from walking so much.”


“What is this flaky stuff?”

“It’s bread that Adonai gave us!”


Exploring the new land:


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