Ready for Hanukkah

In Shalom Chaverim this week, we are busy exploring the sights and symbols of Hanukkah. We are counting the candles (in English and Hebrew!) as we fit them into real hanukkiyot, in the kitchen area and inside a sensory table, buried in rice.

img_7694 img_7702img_7700img_7703


We are touching and manipulating (and sometimes even tasting!) the candles ourselves as we fit candles into play dough to make our own versions of a hanukkiyah.

img_7698 img_7707 img_7720

We are singing Hanukkah songs together, counting to 8 again and again (and one more for a shamash!) as we form a hanukkiyah with puppets, with our fingers, with paper, with blocks. We even set to work creating our own real hanukkiyot, to light with our families when Hanukkah arrives. img_7737 img_7738 img_7745

There were hanukkiyah shapes for painting, coloring and decorating in our own way. We counted the candles here too, of course!

img_7746 img_7749 img_7761

We are examining dreidels as well, attempting to spin them (a challenge for our fine motor strength!) and noticing the  Hebrew letters on the sides– just like the ones in our names.img_7733img_7753

In the block area, we are building hanukkiyot as well, experimenting with how many candles we can fit on our blocks, building a tall tower for our shamash.img_7755 img_7758

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