Wondering Questions in Alonim

This week, Alonim read our final text in our במדבר (Bamidbar) theme: the story of 12 scouts who were sent to scout out the land of Canaan. We had so many wondering questions in Alonim this week about our text!

Our text includes many discrepancies. Children offered interpretations of these discrepancies. They asked, “What’s the point of the scouts? Adonai already “saw” the land!” “Is it like a game of telephone, where a message gets changed as it goes from person to person?”  




Then, we read about two different messages from the scouts back to the Israelites: some of the scouts said that the Israelites should not attempt to go to Cana’an, while Calev (one of the scouts) encouraged the people to go. Children asked questions in חברותא (chavrutah), “Why is Calev the only one who thought they should do it?” “Did Moshe ask the scouts to lie to the Israelites?”

We are continuing work on our final projects, and we are excited for Family Exploration and Celebration next week!

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