Numbers 13 for Nursery and Kindergarten

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Numbers 13 בְּמִדְבַּר י״ג

1-2. Adonai said to Moshe, “Send men to explore the land of Cana’an.”

3-16. So Moshe sent the men out from the midbar, just as Adonai had told him to. All the men he sent were important people of the Israelites.

17-20. Moshe sent them out to scout the land of Cana’an. He said to the men, “Go up into the Negev, and into the mountains. Look at the land, and see what it’s like. And what the people are like, who live there. Are they strong people or weak people? Are there only a few of them, or a lot of them? And what is the land that they’re living on like? Is it a good land, or a bad land? What are their cities like? Are they open camps or do they have lots of walls? And what is the soil like? Does it grow healthy foods, or thin bad foods? Are there any trees there?

And Moshe told the men, “Be brave and take some of the fruit that grows in the land.”

21-24. So they went out to explore the land, and they came to a place called Eshkol. They cut down one branch with one bunch of grapes on it, and also pomegranates and figs. Two people carried the bunch of grapes hanging on a pole between them.

25-26. Forty days later they came back. They came to Moshe and Aharon and all the Israelites in the midbar, and they showed them the fruit from the land.

27-28. They said, “We went to the land you sent us to. And look at this fruit! This is the fruit that grows there. But, the people who live in the land are strong, and the cities have very big walls.”

30-33. Calev said, “We can go to that land and go live in it right away.” But the other men who saw the land said, “No, we can’t! The people who live there already are stronger than we are. The people we saw there were really big, and we felt as small as grasshoppers when we were near them. They probably thought we were tiny, too.”

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