Our own way

Look carefully. Do you see the cool thing about this picture? What are the children doing?


Each time we in ענפים (Anafim, branches, our 3rd-4th grade group) discover a new text as part of our במדבר (Bamidbar, In the Wilderness) theme, we start off doing pretty much the same things all together. We read the text together. Then we discuss it in חברותא (chavruta, learning partnerships).


Then we use building, drawing, or other media to help develop our understanding of what’s going on in each piece of the text, line by line.


But then, when it’s time to express our own interpretation of the text, and incorporate it into our own travel journals?

Some of us write (and write, and write…)


Some of us paint rich watercolor landscapes showing the changing moods and times of day


And some of us dictate our journal entries into an Ipad, and draw details from our accounts of the stories to share later… and they’re details you’ll really want to see. Like, if the Israelites escaped from Egypt into the wilderness in a science fiction/futuristic setting, what would Pharaoh’s chariots look like? Stay tuned!

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