Finding Mezuzzot in Shalom Chaverim

Last week in Shalom Chaverim, children explored the question, “What do we find in a Jewish home?”



We explored together, by creating a little Jewish home in the middle of the table. Does it need a table? A chair? Some challah? What about a mezuzah? And where should the mezuzzah go

img_7059 img_7055img_7071

In the block area, we set out to build houses together (and sometimes to knock them down!) When we finished, we put a mezuzah on the door together!


Then, we set out on a search around our building together. At each doorway, we would stop and search for the mezzuzah. At the first few doors, this was tricky– they were up high and hard to see! But pretty quickly, we learned to look up by the door. We reached up and touched them, and looked for the letter shin.


We found so many mezuzzot together around the building– in so many different shapes and colors too.


When we came back from our search around the building, we set to work creating our own mezuzzah! The children peeked inside the box to see that they are empty (no klaf yet!) and then begin applying paint, observing how the colors mix and swirl together.

img_7099 img_7100

While we waited for the paint to dry, we built mezuzzot in other ways– with blocks, with magnetic tiles, and using art materials.

img_7107 img_7126 img_7127


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